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Facility managers are often faced with difficult challenges:

  • Energy bills that suddenly exceed their energy budget. 
  • Tenants that begin to complain about Common Area Maintenance charges. 
  • Your building is running, your tenants are satisfied, but the most satisfied guys in the bunch are your utility account reps.

How do you begin to get this all back under your control?  
The key is to effectively identify the losses, methodically reduce them, and document the savings.  While the reduction in energy consumption is important, let's keep in mind that there is energy waste and energy streamlining - we don't expect our employees or tenants to work in the dark or without heat, nor should we.  

The typical first step in streamlining your facility is to analyze the energy usage from information gathered in previous years.  "What's there to see in yesterday's data?", you may ask.  The answer comes in the form of a regression analysis.  From a regression analysis, your facility's dependence on weather, occupancy, or any other variables can be extrapolated.  This will give us a good direction as to where your energy leaks may be.  We can also "benchmark" your building; giving you an idea on how well you're doing compared to other buildings of your type, size, vintage and location. 

From there, we can determine the next steps to streamlining your energy usage.  It can be anything from  insulating or re-insulating your piping to reduce heat loss, or changing the operation of your energy consuming equipment, to installing a co-generation system to simultaneously satisfy both heating and energy production needs.

The bulk of energy savings often comes in the form of reducing waste through streamlining building operations and equipment; however, many energy consultants neglect the importance of educating tenants and employees regarding energy conservation at the work place.  Things like turning off the computer at the end of the work day or turning off the lights are left to an individual employee's habit since the effort is thought to outweigh the savings.
In most cases, while the savings may be trivial to the immediate energy usage and savings, the idea behind employee education isn't to save on immediate energy usage.  Energy education helps make employees into "Energy Smarter" people allowing them to spot energy inefficiencies on a daily basis.  Pretty soon you've got dozens of sets of eyes looking for energy waste and helping you toward your goal.

Amicus Energy Solutions can provide the whole energy conservation package, but we also excel at cost-effectively providing you the pieces you need, when you want them, with the cost often shared with the local utility or energy conservation program sponsor.

By offering you the opportunity to incorporate an employee energy conservation initiative to our energy analysis service, we help keep your building efficient for life.  Best of all, your employee energy conservation initiative will be customized for your facility.

Amicus Energy offers all these services and more at very cost effective rates.  Above all, you can be certain that Amicus Energy Solutions will be there with you every step of the way.

Here's a brief list of our Commercial Energy Conservation services:

• Identify energy savings opportunities by performing preliminary, feasibility analysis, and investment grade energy audits.

• Construct computer simulation of buildings and mechanical systems in order to confirm equipment sizing, predict operational energy costs and quantify savings from energy conservation measures.

• Provide guidance for your project team by developing recommendations to maximize energy efficiency for new or ongoing projects without impacting the ultimate delivery mechanism.

• Manage any/all services for energy projects. 
• Implement projects on a performance contract basis allowing you to capitalize on aggressive energy incentive programs such as NYSERDA’s Commercial and Industrial Performance Program (CIPP), or the NJ Smart Start program
• Assist in supply side energy negotiations and procurement for electricity, natural gas and oil.

We are experts in all state and utility sponsored incentive programs for commercial and industrial facilities and can help you identify the programs that are best for your project.  We have extensive experience with New York State’s Energy Smart programs and New Jersey’s SmartStart Building’s programs.