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    Employee Energy Conservation Initiative (EECI)


Since the bulk of energy savings often comes in the form of reducing plant-wide waste through streamlining production processes, most energy consultants neglect the importance of educating employees regarding energy conservation at the work place. Things like turning off the computer at the end of the work day or turning off the lights are left to an employee's habit since the effort often outweighs the savings.

In most cases, the savings is trivial to the immediate energy usage and savings. However, the idea behind employee education isn't to save on immediate energy usage. Energy education helps make employees into "Energy Smarter" people allowing them to spot energy inefficiencies on a daily basis. It's like the old saying, "Give a person a fish, you've fed them for a day. Teach a person to fish; you've fed them for life."

Amicus Energy Solutions aim at providing the whole energy conservation package. By offering you the opportunity to incorporate an employee energy conservation initiative to our energy usage and waste analysis service, we help keep your plant efficient for life. Best of all, your employee energy conservation initiative will be customized for your facility so you won't feel like you're getting other people's solution.